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    Journal is the ultimate Opencart theme builder with best in class features and the most customizable design engine ever implemented in an Opencart theme, giving you total control over your store at any resolution. Journal can be as simple and clean or as complex and colorful as you want it to be.

    Compatible with Opencart: 2.3.x / 3.0.x

    Compatible with Purpletree Complete Multi Vendor Marketplace *
    * Purpletree Multi Vendor extension is not included with Journal. Technical support for extension compatibility is provided by Purpletree.

    Compatible with Webkul Opencart Extensions *
    * Webkul extensions are not included with Journal. Technical support for extension compatibility is provided by Webkul.



    Not all images used in our demos are included with the download.

  3. An Insight Well, let me start off by laying the idea and the benefits of image compression. We must have come across the websites that are dull and some websites that are extremely fascinating in terms of UI and the images/ videos. It's obvious that websites that do not consist of images and videos are more likely to load faster than websites that include more images and videos. Therefore, business entrepreneurs must strive to develop websites, mostly for the reason that their customers do not have to sit there and wait for the website to load. This definitely doesn't m
  4. Growing a business online can be challenging for time-strapped business owners specially during these times. Once you have enabled an online presence for your business, how can you find more customers? On Facebook, businesses can reach customers where they are. Leveraging Facebook tools, they can list products and offer service appointments on Facebook and Instagram, find people likely to buy, and measure their results. Developers can now add Facebook Business Extension to their offering to help businesses access these benefits right from the developer’s website. With F
  5. Please respect the following rules for signatures: Allowed: - Personalizing your posts - Sharing your favorite quote - Making common helpful links quickly available - Advertising your OpenCart site via link or small logo Not Allowed: - Advertising NON-OpenCart related sites - Spamming your site with multiple versions of the url under different buzz words - Taking up more than 150px height of total space (includes images and text) We are all adults here, let's act accordingly. Ridiculous and annoying signatures will be deleted and your signature will be disabled if you can't
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